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Application Lifecycle Management is the capability to integrate, coordinate & manage the different phases of the software delivery process such as governance, development and maintenance. These predefined process and tools include definition, design, development, testing, deployment and management and each of these steps is closely monitored and controlled within ALM.

Application Lifecycle Management Defined

The Three Pillars of ALM:
  • Traceability of relationships between artifacts
  • Process automation
  • Reporting and analytics – visibility into the development activities

ALM helps to keep life-cycle activities in sync across the enterprise

  • Enterprise release management activities can still fail even if separate development activities are done correctly
  • Keeps practitioners’ efforts directed at delivering applications that meet business needs
  • Manual processes can be made more efficient and effective through tool integration
  • ALM ensures the collaboration and coordination of these activities

Enterprise ALM  should provide ALM capabilities, as defined by the three pillars of ALM, supporting toolsets across both distributed and mainframe systems, when in reality, many vendors do not meet the minimum definition to be considered a true enterprise application lifecycle management solution.

Unify Application Lifecycle Manager

Unify ALM was designed from the ground up to provide a solution to solve this critical shortcoming and to fully deliver on the promise of Application Lifecycle Management: the ability to integrate, coordinate, and manage all phases of the software delivery process.

Unify Application Lifecycle Manager coordinates activities across the enterprise by providing services for lifecycle activities, including:

  • Portfolio & Project Management
  • Request, Incident, and Change Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Source Code / Configuration Management
  • Release Management
  • Test Case / Test Plan Management
  • Build / Deploy Management
  • Traceability / Reporting
  • Unify ALM can directly support these activities lifecycle artifacts can be created & tracked directly in the tool or in connected third party systems
Unify ALM Integration Framework
  • Unify ALM allows easy integration into ANY 3rd party system using our powerful API connector technology
  • Example connectors: CA Endevor SCM, CA Harvest SCM, HP ALM, JIRA, CA Process Automation, CA LISA RA or ANY application with a published API
  • Unifies distributed and mainframe environments to provide a single enterprise application lifecycle management solution

Key Unify ALM Product Differentiators

  • Offers true Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management
  • Powerful and extensible Unify ALM workflow engine that can automate and enforce related processes during the lifecycle of a change.
  • Built-in connector framework gives organizations flexibility to track processes internally along with a mix of third party tools as required
  • Provides developers, managers, executives, release managers, ops, testers, etc. complete visibility into all software development activities


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