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InUnison Services – AMS

InUnison Services is an “All-Inclusive” and unique solution for organizations of all types interested in:
  • Getting best in class IT Support both on and off site.
  • Having immediate access to top-quality consulting services.
  • Shortening the software implementation cycle through consistent collaboration with experienced consultants with a deep understanding of the organizational challenges, constraints and needs.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of software support and implementation activities by leveraging the capacity of a qualified team of consultants, not individuals.
  • Reducing the risk when performing software changes with a specialized team that anticipates and carefully analyzes the organizational impact.
  • Avoiding the effort and time required to continuously train an internal support team for specialized software solutions.
  • Reducing the expenditure on support and consulting services, obtaining outstanding quality and response times.



The scope of the services is to be agreed by defining the following:
  • Number and type of enterprise systems and applications covered.
  • SLA Response times, definition of ticket levels.
  • Areas of coverage (routine, creation of new elements, disaster recovery, functional/architecting usage).
  • Types of tickets users are allowed to log, user hierarchy.
  • Time Coverage: 24×7, business hours, expanded hours, holidays, weekends.
  • Provision of on-site personnel or only off-site.
  • Number of users at client site: more users implies more calls, implies more InUnison Consultants edication.
  • Growth of client users over time.
  • New Implementation, or smooth running operation.
  • Client time zone(s).



InUnison offers:
  • Dedicated Services Consultant.
  • An entire team of professionals available to support your IT requirements and challenges.
  • A unique and exclusive offering based on the InUnison specialized toolset and years of experience in consulting services.
  • Standard 8×5 time coverage in EST and CST business shifts, with extension options.
  • Basic day to day work (Tier 1) and Complex advanced work (Tier 2).
  • Development and implementation of new features at a special rate.



InUnison includes the following Consulting Services as part of the offer:
  • CA PPM and SharePoint functional assessments.
  • Requirements gathering and analysis.
  • Functional and technical design.
  • Documentation of functional and technical specification for new functionalities.
  • Development of prototypes and working samples of functionality.
  • Training to power users, end users, developers and system administrators.
  • SharePoint custom applications development.



InUnison offers competitive advantages:
  • Ability to provide necessary hours on Knowledge Transfer sessions to train users on application usage.
  • ITIL Based Support and Metric Oriented Team.
  • Available in-house expert consultants for difficult one-of-a-kind situations.
  • Recommendations on hardware sizing.

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