What is happening


Clarity PPM SaaS is updating its service offering to provide its customers with modern SaaS capabilities. Clarity PPM will be migrated to the Google Cloud Platform and the database engine that CA PPM runs on will change to PostgreSQL.

These are the major changes of this migration:

  • Data center migration to the Google Cloud Platform
  • Clarity PPM upgrade to the latest version 15.7
  • Database vendor migration (from Oracle to PostgreSQL)

Additional details and FAQ are in the attached document: download here.

Impact (Solution)


Data center migration to the Google Cloud Platform

Customers should validate with their IT department the new Datacenter location (Certifications, Compliance policies, Security, Backups, DR, etc).

Clarity PPM upgrade to the latest version 15.7.1

Major changes between 15.1 to 15.7 are related with new features in the Clarity PPM new UI. There are no important changes in the database model. This minimizes the probability of breaking any configurations or customizations. However, there is always a risk when doing application upgrades, and this must be the first item that must be assessed.

Most clients require some level of testing to their configurations after the upgrade to ensure none of the features that they are using are working as expected.  This is a QA task that is usually fairly time consuming.

Database vendor migration (from Oracle to PostgreSQL) – This is the most relevant change

Our main goal is to minimize the risks of this activity for our clients. Offering high level technical services and our knowledge to plan and execute this migration successfully.

A typical Clarity PPM installation usually has a high level of complexity and configuration that are performed by each client. Clients need to ensure all their features and configuration work well after the migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL, this includes but not limited to: Queries, Lookups, Portlets, Processes, GEL Scripting, Jaspersoft reports, Dashboards, Integrations.

The highest risk with configurations is that there are no standard or best practices that is followed across clients, and this adds to the complexity of the work. Because sometimes translating the SQL/GEL, etc is not sufficient for the application to work the same in the new platform.  All items in the app must be validated, and best practices implemented.

InUnison can help! Contact us today to learn more (Benefits of working with us)

This kind of projects requires a high technical level, with resources with great skills in databases (Oracle and PostgreSQL) and solid knowledge in Clarity PPM (Functional and technical skills)

  • We have the skillset and experience to guarantee the success of these projects.
  • We have performed several database migrations (from SQL Server to Oracle) and we have the experience to solve the possible issues during migrations.
  • We understand the issues that can occur in this kind of work. We also have a lot of experience integrating Clarity PPM with other tools.
  • We also have a good base of technical resources that can be allocated to attend this necessity.

InUnison can help you plan, execute and verify that your migration is done correctly without affecting the operability of your projects. Do you want to know how? We would like to schedule a meeting with you to inform you in detail of the services included in our proposal.

We are here to help you.

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