CA Automation Suite for Data Centers

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CA Automation Suite for Data Centers is designed to help you transform your IT infrastructure to dynamically deploy and elastically scale IT services. Automate data center management at your own pace while minimizing risk and making the best possible use of your existing investments. CA Automation Suite for Data Centers offers a modular approach to automation that integrates CA Server Automation, CA Process Automation and CA Configuration Automation.

By monitoring and analyzing critical application and infrastructure data, the suite dynamically responds to configuration errors, application performance metrics, and system utilization changes with coordinated, policy-based action. The result is a dynamic data center that elastically scales IT services to improve business service quality and availability.

  • Deploy and scale IT services at your own pace
  • Make the best use of your existing resources
  • Orchestrate and automate IT processes
  • Leverage current IT infrastructure to deliver cloud services

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